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You’ve heard the benefits of meditation everywhere. It’s supposed to help you reduce stress, focus, and get a better night sleep. So you download an app. Or watch a youtube video . And what do you know? It was kinda cool. You do feel a little better. You gotta try this again.

And you do. On another random day when work stressed you out. You find that same youtube video. You close your eyes, and quiet your mind. Did it work?

It may, it may not. But that is not how you get the full benefits of meditation. Meditation, like any action, is something you get better at over time with practice.

Practice like running? Like math problems? Like drawing?

Yes. Exactly like that.

If you’ve never meditated before and I told you to concentrate on just your breathing for 5 minutes, you would find it difficult to do so. But if you meditate regularly, this task will be easy. This is why you should start meditating daily.

The best way to practice meditation everyday is to integrate it into your morning routine. When you are getting ready for the day.

Sure you can set time aside after work when you are not disturbed by anyone in your home. But maintaining that discipline for the long term may be difficult. Because that scenario varies from day to day. One day you might be by yourself. Another you are at work late. Then the next day you have company over. And by the fourth day you’re over it.

The best way to practice meditation everyday is to integrate it into your morning routine. When you are getting ready for the day.

Now you may have a fixed program that you’d rather not mess with. And you want to tell me that you don’t have the time. You do the essentials and you’re out the door. You do not have a minute to spare.

But I am here to tell you meditation is one of the essentials to get you through the day. Washing your face clears it and makes it fresh. So does mediation. It clears your mind and helps you start the day with a fresh new attitude. Drinking coffee wakes you up and be alert. Meditating will help you focus better. When someone is talking you will be able to pay attention without having your mind wander. And meditation, similarly to listening to music in the morning, lifts up your mood to take on the day’s challenges.

Mediation in the morning is the best mental exercise you can do for your performance for the day. It merely requires a few minutes. You’ll notice a slight pep in your walk the first time you incorporate meditating into your morning routine. And gradually you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without taking that brief time out for yourself.

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